Christian mission and ministry lives on the frontier of God’s creative future.
Many individuals within Australian Churches of Christ have moved toward this future with resourcefulness, tenacity and trust. 


A Chapel built in a day

One Saturday in 1911, the Church of Christ at Preston was built from the ground up. The idea of building a church in a day had previously been put the test in America. But it was the steadfast vision of T. Bagley that persisted through laughs of incredulity to see this bold scheme eventuate in Australia. Around 70 carpenters, 22 plumbers, 30 painters and many others volunteered to get the job done. 20 students from the College of the Bible (now Stirling College) also helped out: some had camped on the empty lot the previous night while others left Melbourne at 3am to walk the 6½ miles to Preston.

The labour was hard and the hours long but the atmosphere was buzzing. Many women worked hard to prepare hearty meals. People came to see this wonderful, strange new happening. The crowd was estimated at 10,000.

The following morning, a service was held in the new, furnished church.

Today, Preston Church of Christ continues as a community as a part of the vibrant Northern Community Church of Christ.




a renewal movement

Themes from the 2014 and 2015 Vic/Tas Conferences

A challenge to churches to consider the DNA of the Christian faith as multiplication and adventure, encouraging movement and change.
The artwork also represents the different clusters of communities that make up the church.


An Evangelical Movement

Balaklava Church of Christ, South Australia, c. 1912

Glenferrie Tent Mission, c. 1930s


international frontiers

Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners (GMP) is a Christian mission organisation committed to facilitating life-changing partnerships. Global Mission Partners was formerly known as Australian Churches of Christ Overseas Mission Board Inc and began in 1891 as the Churches of Christ Foreign Missions Committee. Many individuals and churches across numerous generations have been connected to overseas missions involvement, and within Australia, through GMP.

The approach of GMP is to begin with what God is already doing and in partnership with local people. The majority of work is done through local indigenous Church of Christ organisations.  They know the culture and the opportunities better than us and have long-term relationships across their country. 

Partners: One Hundred Years of Mission Overseas by Churches of Christ in Australia, 1891-1991

Global Mission Partners website

Village in Vanuatu in the early 20th C

Village in Vanuatu in the early 20th C


Cover of Goodly Pearls magazine Dec 1953,


The Missionary News are currently being digitised. Here is a small sample:

'Missionary News' 111, Aug-Sept 1982