Identity in a Telephone Box

Stephen Curkpatrick

The Hindmarsh Research Centre is a telephone box. In the context of Churches of Christ identity, it is a Tardis—Dr. Who’s time machine disguised as a telephone box. By going back in time, we revisit our origins; by going forward in time, we anticipate where this story might be taking us.

Time travel is surreal; our particular time travel is surreal to pragmatic management; it is surreal to tribal expressions of identity. Pragmatism is averse to reviving latent impetuses from our origins; everything is orientated to managing present identity. Tribalism is averse to future encounters with as yet unknown people.

Identity is given impetus by memory and enthused by anticipating the future. With inaugural risks and a surplus of latent possibilities in our memory, identity is risked before new challenges.

The Hindmarsh Research Centre is a Tardis. By this telephone box of memory, a tacit time machine, we are renewed by memory of a past that anticipated the future in having ears to hear a word that shapes our identity as disciples. Identity formed in a telephone box is surreal, for by this telephone box—a sterling Tardis of time travel—we are exposed again by memory, to a present word of future possibilities.