Into God's Time: Historical Impetuses for Christian Identity

by Samuel Curkpatrick

Significant stories from Churches of Christ stand out from history. But it is not these events or historical forms of church life that are significant. Nor are these things necessarily good models to replicate today. Instead, Christian identity begins with a Word in time: an imperative or question, ‘who are we to become?’ and 'where to next?’ 

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Who are you?

Kevin Tanan

‘Who are you?’ the border protection officer asks again. This time, the question demands a justification of presence. Yet He comes to us as One unknown.

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I’m worried! Are you?

GR Stirling and Sarah Backholer

We are here reminded that our first task is to let God get at the seeds of war in our own lives; intolerance and hate, prejudice and pride, and our fanatical desire to hang on to material prosperity at all costs. 

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Unity in Humility

Jarrod Thomas

When we consider this tension within the Australian Churches of Christ in the early twentieth century, it is understandable that a new conservative movement was able to gain some traction. The identity of these churches is firmly rooted in a position that judges itself to be faithful to Scripture amid an environment of doctrinal compromise ... yet one of the glaring deficiencies of this mindset is a lack of hermeneutical humility. 

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Along the road...

Belinda Waterhouse

The risk of history is the temptation to maintain things exactly ‘as they were,’ while failing to acknowledge that time and culture have shifted. For the church, this only leads to increasing disconnection from the prevailing culture, eventual irrelevance and demise. 

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Identity in a Telephone Box

Stephen Curkpatrick

The Hindmarsh Research Centre is a telephone box. In the context of Churches of Christ identity, it is a Tardis—Dr. Who’s time machine disguised as a telephone box. By going back in time, we revisit our origins; by going forward in time, we anticipate where this story might be taking us.

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