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reo is a journal of Stirling Theological College that has been in publication since 1995 and transitioned to an online publication in 2018. The journal seeks to foster thoughtful engagement with questions of Christian identity and human experience.

reo is specifically designed to encourage students to undertake the venture and discipline of research with a view to publishing; reo is a refereed ISSN registered journal. Article submission is therefore to be made with the recommendation of a requisite faculty member (according to article discipline), which will also be independently refereed before acceptance for publication.

We welcome the submission of articles, creative writing and reviews from students and staff at Stirling and the University of Divinity. Please download our information sheet and submission checklist for contributors. Email: reo@stirling.edu.au

The journal encourages open theological exploration and dialogue, welcoming diverse scholarly approaches to theological enquiry. This ethos, rather than any particular viewpoint, is representative of the College.

reo is edited by Sarah Bacaller and Sam Curkpatrick, with Stephen Curkpatrick as consulting editor. Certain articles have been blind-peer reviewed and this is noted at the end of those articles.


Archive n 1 a place of dust and death. 2 any living site where past individuals, voices and challenges continue to shape the future.


About the Hindmarsh Research Centre

The Hindmarsh Research Centre for Mission and Ministry is a patchwork of historic scenes and conversations from Churches of Christ in Australia that inform and shape contemporary mission and ministry. In stories from the past we hear the voices of those who were open to God’s creative future.

The Hindmarsh Research Centre curates stories and generates research relating to the history and identity of Churches of Christ in Australia and the global restoration movement. We seek to engage with these stories as they draw us toward knowing Christ in his simplicity and fullness, disentangled from convoluted accumulations of the ages.



The Hindmarsh Research Centre archives consist of:

  • Important journals and publications, including the Australian Christian (1898-2003), Australian Christian Standard (1885-1897), Christian Pioneer (1868-1879), Millennial Harbinger (1830-1867), Christian Baptist (1827-1829), British Millennial Harbinger (1848-1870);

  • Pamphlets and tracts, including Provocative Pamphlets/Pamphlet Club (1955-1997);

  • Australian State and Federal Conference handbooks;

  • Photographs, paintings, furniture and artefacts.

List of major periodicals held in the archives.



The Hindmarsh Research Centre collections are housed in a new building adjoining the library at:

Stirling Theological College
44-60 Jacksons Rd
Mulgrave VIC 3170

Displays of historical materials are located in the college cafe. Archives access is generally limited to students and researchers. Please email archives@stirling.edu.au for further information.

Use of Archival Material - conditions

Research and Using the Collections info sheet


Donating material

If you are interested in donating any historical documents or objects relating to Churches of Christ identity in Australia to the Hindmarsh Research Centre, we would love to heat from you.

Donation of Materials to the Hindmarsh Research Centre



We are always seeking new volunteers to get involved in our Digitisation Project. Please contact archives@stirling.edu.au for further information.



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